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One of Ireland’s most innovate transport companies GoCar has now arrived at Heuston South Quarter! This vehicle will now allow drivers who don’t currently own a vehicle to access one on demand!

A driver can sign up online at GoCar.ie for only €49.99! Once signed up members have access to a fleet of over 100 vehicles across Dublin and Cork including small vans! They can then book the vehicle by the hour, hop in using our innovative GoCard system, drive to your destination and return it when finished!

Members simply pay for the hours and kilometres travelled and all cost including insurance, tax, maintenance, fuel and city centre on street parking are all contained in the rates!

HSQ residents now can use the car for doing the weekly shop, visiting friends and relatives or exploring Dublin and beyond! Or employees working locally can use the car on business trips or meetings as an affordable alternative to using taxis.

Kieran Brennan from GoCar has said that “GoCar Car Sharing has grown substantially across Dublin over the past 2 years and we are now delighted to be integrated to this fantastic development in HSQ. We believe we are providing local residents and employees with a cost effective and convenient alternative to car ownership. HSQ is a vibrant and exciting development and we look forward to working closely with the team here to make this service a success!”

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Insomnia coffee arrives to Heuston South Quarter, as our latest store opened over the weekend. The store itself is located just minutes away from Heuston Train station in behind the Eir Head Quarters, which is handy for anyone with a bit of time on their hands before hopping on the train, or for anyone working in the area to pop in for their morning brew. With ample seating and a spacious layout, you can sit back and really enjoy Insomnia’s premium coffee.